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The real meaning of an activist consumer: CARING

This is not about going out naked to protest.

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What is the real meaning of an activist consumer? Does it mean going out naked to protest?


Everyone can be an activist. There are no such a degrees or master requirements for you to become an activist consumer. It is just about asking SIMPLE (ethical) questions, such as “where are my clothes from?”

If us all consumers did that, all at least we consider saying:

“Sorry is not acceptable for someone to die for me to have these cheap clothes.”

Same as if you want to feed your family with healthy food, you got to ask a lot of questions.

Instead, most of us have decided the path of “rational ignorance”: rationally choosing to remain ignorant about a certain topic because we expect that the costs involved in making an effort will not be offset by the benefit of getting this information.

But if you become an activist consumer, you will be taking the frustration of the injustices of the system and doing something with it. Instead of drawing an imaginary line in the sand and not caring about the people on the other side. At Our Good Brands, we believe humanity can do better than that.

With social enterprises emerging such as Thank You, Who Gives a Crap, Eco Companion, Ecosiaor any of the good brands that we promote on our top section, you are now capable of changing the world through a simple choice in your everyday life.

And while making small gradual changes (which may not sound as exciting), those kinds of changes will create new and lasting habits that you can easily maintain forever. There is no silver bullet solution; it really depends on what works for each.

We need to keep asking the hard questions and challenge ourselves: it is a hard route that involves doing the correct thing. And revolution starts at the bottom, never from the top.

Buy slow, buy smart, or sometimes just don’t buy at all.

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