Ethical, handwoven & naturally dyed herbal yoga rugs for health & performance

Öko Living embeds ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and handwoven crafts to your yoga practice

You’re about to discover the healthiest and most beautifully designed, consciously created yoga rugs. Öko Living is the only wellness textile mat using ayurvedic herbal dyes that can be absorbed through the skin to boost wellness and skin-soothing. These mats are eco-friendly, ethically-made, organic certified, naturally hand-dyed and all the good stuff!

Öko Living brings you the most natural mat, specially made for natural yogis. The brand’s mission is to help yogis reach their highest wellness potential through natural, ethical and regenerative design that is earth-friendly.  

Their colourful collection of yoga rugs are handwoven, ethically, in India, the birthplace of yoga and home to generations of weavers. And also the birthplace of yoga.

Yoga rugs are the original rug of yoga. The natural grip promotes better posture and more strength. Öko Living yoga rugs also help support artisans and keep this vibrant tradition and knowledge alive.

Ethical, handwoven & naturally dyed herbal yoga rugs for health & performance

Öko Living eco-friendly yoga rugs go beyond sustainable with wellness-promoting, herbal dyed and ethically hand-loomed cushy organic cotton. Plus non-slip grip that gets better as you sweat. You’re about to discover all about them, so keep on reading!

Artisan-made yoga rugs

As you can imagine, with this consciously created process, these mats take lots of time, love and care to make. 

Women artisans are at the core of Öko’s pulse, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions close to home. Your purchase helps keep their vibrant traditional knowledge alive. 

It starts with ethically produced raw organic cotton that is naturally bleached with zero chemicals. Their artisans then straighten, thicken and cone the cotton into threads. The threads are hand-dyed laid to dry and then woven over the course of a few days.

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Handwoven organic cotton yoga rug

Choosing an organic cotton yoga mat has an endless amount of benefits: on health, performance, and also for the people who made the mats.

These yoga rugs are completely toxin-free through the production, use and lifecycle of these yoga rugs. Unlike most yoga mats made with PVC, these mats do not use toxic chemicals or off-gas.

Öko Living yoga rugs are 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton and also OneCert Asia Organic certified.

Besides using from 10 to 20 medicinal plants for the dyes (each yoga rug uses a variety of plants), the finish off of the mat is made with a natural latex rubber tree bottom coating.

Ethical, handwoven & naturally dyed herbal yoga rugs for health & performance

The benefits of an organic cotton yoga rug are:

– Pesticide-free

– More durable than conventional cotton

– Breathable and more absorbent than conventional cotton

– No harmful chemicals are involved in its production

– Hypoallergenic

– Natural, renewable, biodegradable and sustainable fiber

Herbal & naturally dyed yoga rugs

Öko Living yoga mats are organic and herbal dyed using an ancient Ayurvedic method that preserves the bioactive medicinal qualities of the plants. 

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of medicine. It aims to preserve health and wellness by keeping the mind, body, and spirit in balance and preventing disease rather than treating it. Ayurvedic medicinal herbs are also an important component of this approach. They help to protect your body from disease and offer a variety of science-backed health benefits. The brand works directly with an Ayurvedic Doctor who hand selects a herbal mix for skin soothing and relaxing benefits.

Ethical, handwoven & naturally dyed herbal yoga rugs for health & performance

Öko Living works with dyers in India that have preserved an ancient and disappearing knowledge of Ayurvastra. Ayurvatra is a process of naturally dyeing textiles that preserves the medicinal benefits of the plants. They do this by only using pure, natural ingredients in every step (even when bleaching the cotton), a mixture of medicinal plants (vs. just one plant for color). And salt as the main mordant, instead of using heavy metals. 

Natural dyes are eco-friendly. Typical industrial dyed use over 8,000 chemicals and known carcinogens. Textile dye is also the #2 water pollutant on the planet! Natural dyes have almost been forgotten and we think it is one viable option for healthier textiles. 

Once you know about the alchemy of natural dyes, you’ll probably question every chemically dyed textile that touches your skin!

Natural Aromatherapeutic Colours

Science shows our skin absorbs what it touches. Regular contact with the mat allows your skin to assimilate the properties of the herbs, thus supporting your vitality. Can your mat do that?

It’s in the dying process where ancient meets modern. Between 10 and 20 medicinal plant dyes are selected for skin soothing and aromatherapeutic benefits. Each rug features its own plant list, and the main ingredients are neem, turmeric and holy basil for their highly beneficial health properties, especially when in contact with your skin.

To ensure aromatherapeutic benefits, the brand uses some of the best relaxing aromatic herbs in the world. The mat will carry a subtly sweet, natural smell that reduces stress. 

Also important, this mat is chemical and allergen-free. Keep in mind the bottom has a non-slip coating of natural latex rubber, therefore the mat is not advised for those with latex allergies.

Ethical, handwoven & naturally dyed herbal yoga rugs for health & performance

Yoga Performance & Grip

The Öko mat has been designed to keep you grounded, regardless of your practice. Organic cotton is luxuriously woven for cushion with ribs for grip. It is especially amazing for restorative or meditative yogas. 

In fact, Öko Living yoga rugs get gripper as you sweat. And remains soft and dry as you work out. Cotton breathes, so it stays cool. It draws heat away from your skin to keep you cooler. Cotton absorbs moisture easily and can take up to one-fifth of its weight in water before it actually feels damp.

The grip is one of the best for a yoga rug and the reason is the rib strips that are visible on the mat. These mats are different from PVC rubber mats and promote better posture and strength by using the original mat design yoga was created on. If you are a beginner or find you want more grip you can lightly spray the mat with water at your hands and feet. 

Unleash your potential with any of the yoga rugs in Öko’s collection! We are especially in love with the colourful Chakra yoga mat, which also includes a free case and wildcrafted soap nut laundry detergent to take care of the mat the best way possible!

Join the club of awakened yogis that have rediscovered the amazing benefits of natural yoga rugs. Boost your strength, balance, wellness and achieve your ultimate practice. We promise you will feel the difference!

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