ODE TO ODD | The luxurious clothing label using eco-friendly materials

Collection 101- The Indian clothing line made entirely from eco-friendly materials.

After discovering the wonderful Indian fashion designers, Ode to Odd, we found out exactly how they create luxurious womenswear, completely from eco-friendly materials!

Emerging designers Shreya and Priyal Mewara wanted a global audience to appreciate the Indian-craft heritage. So, they created Ode to Odd; a luxury womenswear line with roots in sustainability, and understated luxury.

Using only high quality, natural, eco-friendly materials, Ode to Odd designed their beautiful new clothing line; Collection 101. They use organic cotton, silk, mulmul and wool to make gorgeous garments that are stylish, and sustainable.

Ode to Odd said: “Our brand is a story of craftsmanship, perfect imperfections, and the labour of love. It’s magical how the narrative began in the far-flung places of India, and it has culminated into a beautiful story. We love that we can tell the story through our garments”.

ode to odd sustainable ethical fashion indiaode to odd sustainable ethical fashion india

Not surprisingly, all the intricate crafting takes place in remote villages in India. They begin by weaving the fabrics, hand-cutting unique patterns, and stitching it together to create stunning clothes. Shreya and Priyal continued: ‘We have created simple and unpretentious designs, with a touch of human hand in every process’.

They even use any left-over waste fabric to create a hand embroidered label for each item of clothing!

Don’t worry guys, Ode to Odd garments are available in their online store, and in Wolf and Badger.

ode to odd sustainable ethical fashion indiaode to odd sustainable ethical fashion india

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