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The new era of closed-loop recycling: ReCircle

Now you can be part of the solution to address our recycling system!

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Current recycling doesn’t work. Australia, the UK and USA send more than half their household recyclable material to landfill, and of that less than 10% is remanufactured into its original product. In all, only 2% of the world’s waste is recycled. We spend a huge amount of resources and efforts to clean the oceans when we could just do the right thing in the first place, right from our households, businesses, events and even hospitals. Knowing that the majority of citizens do the actual recycling and understanding their frustration of trash/treasure going to waste, this ReCircle team have come up with a technology that will solve the closed-loop recycling from the moment we bin an item. And even better, this waste will become a valuable asset to incorporate in the closed-loop system.

We interview Aldous Hicks, inventor and CEO of ReCircle Recycling. He explains all you need to know about this technology, how to use it and why it is really important we support this initiative. You can invest as little as £10 on their equity crowdfunding campaign and become a shareholder of ReCircle technology!

ReCircle founders recycling zero waste closed loop circular economy
Credit: ReCircle, 2019 | Aldous Hicks, inventor and CEO of ReCircle Recycling

What is ReCircle and what is its mission?

We are developing the world’s first domestic recycling machine so people can process recyclable materials in their own homes and know that they will be 100% closed loop recycled – which means a bottle can be remade into a bottle, a can into a can.

Current domestic recycling systems just don’t work. People make huge efforts to recycle, yet more than half of what we put in our recycling bins ends up as landfill – and of the materials that are recycled, less than 9% is closed-loop recycled. The main reason for this failure is that once you mix two different materials together — for example, leaving the ring around the top of a plastic bottle — the value of these beautiful materials plummets. It’s not economically viable to separate recycling once it is mixed, so the materials cannot be closed-loop recycled and will, if recycled at all, be ‘downcycled’ to create lower-value products like road base and so on.

The ReCircle technology will empower people to collect and process recyclable materials, keeping them separate and pure from the start, in a way that maintains its value. The products processed by ReCircle appliances can be closed-loop recycled, which means less pressure on virgin resources to create, for example, the million new plastic bottles we currently demand every minute!

Not only will people be able to take responsibility for their recycling in their own homes, but we expect to have ReCircle appliances installed in hospitals, entertainment centres, businesses, factories — you name it – so they can all start contributing to a truly circular economy by getting maximum use from these beautiful, valuable materials.

ReCircle Crowdcube recycling zero waste closed loop circular economy

Tell us a bit about who is in the team and what was the tipping point for you all to start this invention?

The ReCircle team is amazing – we have highly skilled technicians, engineers, computer experts and number-crunchers, many of whom have remarkable past and present lives, including a surgeon, a human rights journalist, a songwriter, a sex therapist, a burlesque entertainer and comedienne.

Aldous: “For me, it started 25 years ago when I was developing software and I realised that the value of something going into a system is hug