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At Ourgoodbrands we are determined to establish a media network of positive news. And we not just think positive, but also big. This is why we have partnered with Eco-Circular the news portal of reference in the circular economy. From now on, in both platforms, you will find contributions showcasing businesses, success study cases and breaking news in the field. We are changing the news for good with media that matters.

ECO-Circular.com is a media that covers the advancements and benefits of the circular economy with a large range of angles. This digital magazine is a very specialised, and yet incredibly empowering from a governmental and B2B level.

Circular is the direction the economy is moving forward, and Eco-Circular is strongly positioned to implement an economy that is fair, social, collaborative and sustainable – going away from the “use-throw” culture. Paco Fernandez, founder ECO-Circular

ECO-Circular.com was also established to become a meeting point for Businesses and Institutions, spreading the news on actions and the advancements that benefit the creation of a Circular Economy. It’s also a digital platform that works to become the amplifier for the civil society, that through organisations and personal actions contributes on a daily basis to the protection of our Environment.

media circular economy sustainable brands and ethical businesses

Ourgoodbrands work is focused on creating positive content that empowers consumers to make better purchase decisions, by showcasing social impact brands and sustainable lifestyles through stories that most often will come directly from the founders’ experience. We stand for honest information that adds value in citizens lives, taking out the overwhelm we can so easily fall into. We make it simple, entertaining and also a lot of Ourgoodbrands work is about demystifying preconceived concepts that not necessarily are true in the fast-growing eco-conscious world.

“The essence of our partnership is that together we are better. We are raising to push more businesses to become a force for good.” Maxime Ducker, founder Ourgoodbrands

The intersection in which Eco-Circular and Ourgoodbrands meet is where we provide other social and eco-entrepreneurs with the tools and resources that will help them succeed. We want to accelerate the change.

Media for Sustainable Brands & Ethical Businesses for a Circular Economy

For sure there is still a lot to explore in the circular economy field, and yet we are in exciting times where more businesses are exponentially are adopting the last trends. They are using innovative materials and implementing sustainable production processes.

We are helping to establish a roadmap for ethical businesses to embrace, as well as helping them to find new opportunities in the market. This will eventually provoke advances in the legislation and get public administrations supporting sustainability.

This means that initiatives and advancements happening almost worldwide could be covered by both media platforms as a result of our partnership. The fact is that all countries can learn so much from each other, and the good news is that now businesses are more keen on working together.

What we know for sure is that if you want to be in the sustainability game, you have to collaborate with other like-minded.

OurgoodPartnership is also going to expose ethical brands, social enterprises and environmental initiatives in the context of the circular economy to wider audiences, both English and Spanish-speaking countries.

A positive media network starts right here.

Do you want to join us in this positive media network? Whether you are an ethical and sustainable brand or another media platform that is aligned with our values email us at [email protected]


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Ourgoodbrands empowers people to make eco-conscious purchase decisions through valuable & honest information, tools and resources that come in the form of social impact brands & sustainable lifestyles. We share the positive news happening worldwide between our community of change-makers. If you are one of them email us at [email protected] - Together we are better!

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