Kratom used as a natural source for insomnia, chronic pain and withdrawal

A detailed  guide on how to use kratom to deal with sleep management issues

Kratom is the newest addition to the list of natural alternatives for those who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia and withdrawal from opium dependence. We look into the basics of this plant, the should knows, ideal dosage, legal references plus cover in more detail what kratom strain is best for sleep.

What is kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree in the coffee family. It’s found in Southeast Asia and Africa. Traditionally, kratom has been used during religious ceremonies, but also people have chewed kratom leaves, made kratom tea to fight tiredness and improve productivity, used kratom as medicine but also substituted kratom for opium

What does kratom do?

The leaves, or extracts from the leaves, have been used as a stimulant and a sedative. It’s also been reported for treating chronic pain, insomnia, digestive ailments, and as an aid for withdrawal from opium dependence. 

The main active ingredients of kratom are the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (which interact with opioid receptors in your brain). There is evidence that these alkaloids can have analgesic (pain relieving), anti-inflammatory, or muscle relaxant effects. For this reason, kratom is often used to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Low doses of kratom can make you more alert, however, a higher dose of kratom can cause a range of secondary effects like decreased pain, reduced insomnia, even pleasure and sedation.

A very detailed article that shares The good, the bad and the maybe of Kratom with arguments of a range of scientific, mention that “Recent studies indicate that kratom users are reporting pain relief, mood elevation and anxiety reduction”. Marc T. Swogger, PhD, associate professor, department of psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center and co-author of a Drug and Alcohol Dependence acknowledges in an interview that kratom research is still in its infancy, but said he thinks there are many positives surrounding its use.

What’s the controversy with kratom?

Kratom hasn’t been studied in-depth, so it hasn’t officially been recommended for medical use. Clinical studies are very important for the development of new drugs. Studies help to identify consistently harmful effects and harmful interactions with other drugs. These studies also help to identify dosages that are effective yet not dangerous.

Kratom has the potential to have a strong effect on the body. Kratom contains almost as many alkaloids as opium and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Alkaloids have a strong physical effect on humans. While some of these effects can be positive, others can be causes for concern. This is all the more reason why more studies of this drug are needed. There are significant dangers of adverse effects, and safety hasn’t been established.

Results from one animal study suggest that mitragynine, the major psychoactive alkaloid of kratom, may have addictive properties. Dependence can often cause side effects like nausea, sweating, tremors, the inability to sleep, and hallucinations.

Also, the production of kratom hasn’t been regulated. The FDA doesn’t monitor the safety or purity of herbs. There are no established standards for safely producing this drug.

How can kratom help with insomnia?

A 2016 online survey of more than 8,000 kratom users contacted primarily through the AKA (American Kratom Association) found that most were using the product for relieving pain or treating mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Others used kratom to combat withdrawal symptoms from prescription opioid or illicit drug use. (Source: NBC News)

One of the advantages reported by Kratom users is the possible advantages to aid with sleep deprivation, which is why many people look into the best kratom for sleep. Chronic insomnia has wrecked trouble in the lives of many individuals, and various medications have been tried to treat it. Kratom is the newest addition to the list of natural alternatives for those who have trouble sleeping.

What are the main causes of lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep is generally caused by stress, life situations, or sleep-disrupting behaviours. Insomnia can be resolved by treating the underlying cause, but it can also linger for years.

Chronic insomnia can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Stress
  • Travel or work schedule
  • Bad sleeping habits
  • Excessive eating late at night

Sleeplessness can also be linked to medical issues or the use of certain substances. The following are some of the most frequent health conditions that cause sleep disturbances:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • chronic pain
  • drug abuse
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • obesity
  • sleep apnea
  • Narcolepsy

How does kratom work for sleep?

Kratoms can help people sleep in a variety of ways. This plant is high in alkaloids, which are natural herbal medicines. Signaling pathways are routed to the nervous system when these alkaloids link to adrenergic receptors in the body, which has beneficial effects in coping with sleeplessness.

Kratom has also been reported to help with pain and anxiety. As a result, those who suffer from insomnia due to physical discomfort or anxiety attacks may find kratom to be a feasible choice for assisting them in getting a decent night’s sleep.

How to choose the top kratom strains for sleep?

The red strain is the most popular quality kratom for sale on the market. Ingesting red Kratom relieves stress and induces pleasure in individuals. This is why the Kratom strains listed below are useful to insomniacs.

  • Red Bali Kratom– The finest Kratom strain for sleep is Red Bali. It is not only extremely effective, but it is also the most affordable. As a result, Red Bali Kratom is the most cost-effective option.
  • Maeng Da Kratom – It comes in three variants but Red Maeng Da is the greatest for sleeping. It’s a strong sedative that may be used to treat a variety of sleep problems, including insomnia.
  • Red Borneo Kratom – It is a popular herbal remedy for persistent insomnia. The strain has a significant amount of 7-Hydroxymitragynine, as well as other alkaloids like Corynoxine A and Corynoxine B, which help to avoid sleep problems by improving mood and reducing tension and anxiety.

Select the ideal consumption method for you

Users used to like chewing the leaves, but today they sip Kratom tea, consume the powder, or take pills.

“Toss and wash” is the most frequent method of powder intake. In a spoon, users place the desired amount of powdered kratom leaves. They will then “throw” it as much as they can into their mouths before “washing” it down with water or another highly flavored beverage.

Is there any right dosage to get the optimum result?

The following is an approximate Kratom dosage recommendation for maximum sleeping, relaxing, and soothing effects:

  • Low does (for beginners): 2-3 grams
  • Moderate dose: 4-5 grams
  • High dose: 6-7 grams

Unless you are in dire need, 3-5 grams of pure red Kratom should suffice to alleviate anxiety, relieve physical discomfort, and calm you enough to sleep.


Lack of sleep has a negative impact on people’s daily lives and can lead to significant health problems. This could be solved naturally with Kratom, however, keep in mind that not all strains are appropriate for treating insomnia. If you’re going to use kratom for sleeplessness, research into the three red strains listed above, which are most intimately linked with alleviating anxiety, relieving physical pain, and moderate sedation.

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