Ethical tech products with Nimble: better features in a humble packaging

Take charge of your e-waste & connect to tech for good for a longer life of your electronics

sustainable ethical tech accessories nimble innovative materials

The technology was designed to simplify our lives, however, it has become an industry where all innovation does is reduce the lifespan of our electronics. As obsolescence increases, e-waste is invading the landfills in a speed that the planet has never experienced before. Nimble is coming to implement an e-recycling program to use in their ethical tech products, as well as putting a full stop to stupid retail packaging waste – which is not just difficult to recycled but adds up to a 20% to the final price of the product. The results? The tech that is made from sustainable materials for less than half the price, without sacrificing performance. Because you have the right to know how your products are made, where they come from and the impact they have on the world.

The founders of Nimble came from the electronic consumer industry and they realised that the tech business model is really broken. In fact, we are about to hit 50 million tones of e-waste at the end of 2018. And we don’t have anywhere to put all these old screens, telephones, mobile phones and tech accessories… But this problem actually has a fix, and that’s what Nimble is hoping to bring to the table.

Nimble is committed to being e-waste neutral by 2022, as they have kicked off a tech recovering project for which they will recycle one pound of e-waste for every ethical tech product sold. The brand wants to set the new standard for this industry, as well as new expectations for customers – and get everyone to think about technology in a different way.

Aside of this circular business model they have implemented, Nimble is also addressing the packaging issue in the tech space, which in the past years has escalated to limits that no longer make sense. The reality is that retailers often demand extreme extravagant packaging: with a soft touch, UV, foil stamped, PET… all aimed to “improve” the user experience. But all of these materials and production methods make packaging non-recyclable and it also means that it will cost up to 10 dollars more for a piece of cardboard that it’s going to end up in the trash.

sustainable ethical tech accessories nimble innovative materials

Instead, Nimble’s packaging uses 100% scrap paper pulp (there is no such as inks or dyes), which reduces the number of layers between where the product is made and where the product is purchased. By doing so, the business can invest more in material research as well as a better technology, instead of cutting corners to deliver a more sophisticated packaging that the consumer (and the environment!) will end up paying anyway.

“Shortening the supply chain, and the distance between manufacturing and the consumer, we can really lower the price spending more on better materials, better specs and better features, which translates in doing business in a better way.” Co-founder Nimble

Another key element to bringing down the price is that Nimble is a digital-only brand, which allows them to maximise value by avoiding the retail shelf (and they show it to you in a very transparent way!).

Thoughtful suppliers & sustainable materials

Nimble makes a variety of ethical tech accessories for your mobile devices. They only work only with fair trade suppliers who care for workers’ rights, sustainable materials and reducing environmental impact.

Materials such as bioplastics, recycled water bottle, aluminium, hemp or corn, and other things that are not toxic for the environment and, of course, better for the end-user.

sustainable ethical tech accessories nimble innovative materials

These materials are easier to produce, with the use of less energy, and also can be recycled or repurposed.

The internal hard-plastics are made from renewables like corn starch or sugar cane: lactic acid from the starchy fibres combined with metal catalysts create industrial resin pellets that can be melted down and used in injection moulding machines.

Their packaging boxes are made out of recycled boxes, by using a moulded pulp process that also requires less energy.

“It’s time to turn down the business model and think about a better way in which technology is delivered.” Co-founder Nimble

Nimble ethical tech products

For now, Nimble brings you ethical tech products in form of mobile phone accessories, and the great thing is that they are compatible with smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Android), tablets and other USB-C devices like the Apple MacBook laptop.

sustainable ethical tech accessories nimble innovative materials

Other of the ethical tech products Nimble offered are the Wireless Dual Pad, which allows charging high-speed two devices simultaneously, without the risk of overheating or overcharging.

The 26k Portable Charger: a travel essential allowing you to charge devices on-the-go with reliable power and up to 4 USB ports.

sustainable ethical tech accessories nimble innovative materials

And also the Wireless Stand, which charges your phone with ease while standing upright or lying flat.

If you want to get a step further and recycle any obsolete devices drown in the bottom of your drawers, we encourage you to send them to Nimble using their pre-paid envelope. This is an easy step to recycled your e-waste, such as old electronic devices, cell phones, cables, etc. Nimble has partnered yo with Homeboy Electronics Recycling, an organisation that offers certified and secure recycling and data destruction services to businesses, governmental organisations and residences while providing permanent jobs for men and women who face systemic barriers to employment.

sustainable ethical tech accessories nimble innovative materials

The brand has enough reasons to have earned a B Corp certification, but it’s also a registered Public Benefit Corporation for which the Nimble charter dictates that they consider all stakeholders in all decisions made, including workers, community and environment.

NOW! The world’s only iPhone case made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

With Bottle Case, Nimble is focusing specifically on plastic waste and its effect on our oceans. With so much plastic already in existence, the brand has chosen not to produce ANY new plastic for this case.
What do you need to know about Nimble iPhone Bottle Case?
  • Five colors inspired by the ocean: Soft Coral, Seagrass, Glacier, Deep Sea and Black Sand. 
  • 5% of every case sold goes directly to protecting the world’s oceans and marine life in partnership with a different nonprofit for each color. 
  • Slim and protective; durable, fabric exterior
  • For iPhone X/XS, XS Max, and XR
  • Ships in 100% plastic-free packaging
  • Recycle any old case through our One-for-One Tech Recovery Project 
  • $39.95 at gonimble.com 

sustainable ethical tech accessories nimble innovative materials

UPDATE! Nimble introduces free same-day delivery to Reduce Carbon footprint!

Innovation is weaved right into Nimble business model, and this ethical brand is an example that eco-conscious can also provide best-in-class service, without sacrificing commitment to sustainability.

They have created a local distribution hub network so that shippings aren’t limited to California’s main facility. This means Nimble will incredibly lower the carbon footprint of their products and allows for the delivery of orders within hours of being placed.

Basically, if you are now in New York City or Los Angeles, any order placed before 4PM will be delivered no later than 9PM (porders placed after 4PM will arrive the next day). This feature will soon expand nationwide!

No matter how “ethical,” or “low impact,” or “zero waste” your products are, there’s no avoiding the footprint left behind when those products are shipped. With this approach, Nimble aims to reduce its carbon footprint by up to 75%.

Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below, and we will make it happen!

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