The smart Fairphone mapping its supply chain for a more ethical industry

Fairphone is the start of the ethical tech and e-waste revolution

In this podcast at The Disruptors for Good podcast, speaks with Bas Van Abel, founder of Fairphone. The world’s first ethical smartphone mapping its supply chain to understand exactly what goes into our phone and where it comes from. 

The problem: smartphones are products made up of thousands of different components. Each of these parts comes from different suppliers and contains a wide variety of materials. 

Fairphone is come to address a BIG issue: the way the materials are sourced and the e-waste consequence. This is a truly worth-listening conversation:

Fairphone works closely with manufacturers that want to invest in employee well being and ethical worker practices. Fairphone is a certified B-corp and has created the world’s first ethical smartphone. Created in 2013, Fairphone launched the movement for fairer electronics. The company makes a positive impact across the value chain in mining, design, manufacturing and life cycle, while expanding the market for products that put ethical values first.

ethical tech industry smartphone fairphone

They deliver a circular economy business model with a take-back program. Addressing the full lifespan of mobile phones, including use, reuse and safe recycling programs that make it easy to recycle your Fairphone, so the parts can be re-purposed and not end up in landfills and the ocean.

Read the full article on how Fairphone is mapping its supply chain

@Fairphone works closely with manufacturers that want to invest in employee wellbeing & ethical worker practices. It's a certified @BCorporation & has created the world’s first #ethical smartphone. The brand also delivers a… Click To Tweet

ethical tech industry smartphone fairphone

⁣⁣In this episode of Fairphone & CauseArtist they talk about:

  • The complexity of how cell phones are created
  • Fairtrade materials and supply chains
  • Fairphone coming to the United States
  • The effects on mental health for entrepreneurs
  • Potential new Fairphone products
  • Crowdfunding and Equity Crowdfunding

ethical tech industry smartphone fairphone

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