Convenience redefined. Accelerating the shift to a circular society at LAUNCH

This Innovation Challenge is about to disrupt the status quo collectively & create a positive impact for planet and people

Imagine a world where all products are services. Instead of buying new expensive gear for every adventure – gear you might never use again – you rent it. Rather than buying a fleet of brand-new bikes every time your children grow a few inches, you subscribe to a bike replacement service. And when you don’t have time to keep up with the latest fashion trends, you can rely on a clothing subscription service, rather than an overstuffed wardrobe. 

Imagine a world where renting, leasing or subscribing to service gives you access to better experiences more customized products, or even saves you money. LAUNCH Innovation Challenge 2018 is working to accelerate a circular society.

Sounds crazy? Not for LAUNCH. The whole reason behind organizing this event is trusting that today it is the perfect timing to build the world we all want to live in and the answer is a circular society. Since this is a big challenge, this year LAUNCH invites up to 10 innovators to make sustainable lifestyles and a truly Circular Society a reality.

The profile of innovators the organization is looking for are those who believe their innovations have the potential to significantly accelerate engagement in circular products and business models. From anywhere in the world.

The topic and real challenge to solve is “How do we engage customers and introduce new business models that will support a circular society”. Access, share or swop should not be against offer the kind of customer service your consumers expect if you are not owning it. Opposite, LAUNCH is THE platform for “convenience, redefined”.

Global Call for Innovators working with ‘Customer Engagement and New Business Models’ – LAUNCH Innovation Challenge 2018 is open

The start-ups and projects taking part in this challenge to build a circular society could be at any stage in their development, from early prototypes to commercially proven innovations. If this is what you are aiming for, we encourage you, your team or organization – fully established or not – to apply. Be the one that is leading the answers in this challenge.

circular society launch challenge event 2018 startup

The Challenge is open for submissions until deadline September 1st, 2018. Learn more and submit your innovation here.

“Once you’re part of the LAUNCH program, you will never not be a part of that community. It has been the single most valuable experience as a startup.” Natasha Franck, CEO and Founder at EON

Selected innovators will have the opportunity to present their innovation to members of the LAUNCH network at the LAUNCH Forum.

The Forum, held the 5th and 6th of December 2018 is a facilitated multi-day event connecting innovators with investment partners, market leaders, and technical experts as well as philanthropic, NGO, and public sector actors committed to accelerating the adoption and scale of solutions. A world-class network of investors, pioneering companies and mentors.

To learn more about the Challenge, nominate an innovator, or submit an innovation, visit launch.org/circular.

“I hope we can get a variety of innovations ranging from technology to more social and legislative…to have a mix of that would be wonderful.” Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation at IKEA

If you want to know more about what you gain as an innovator and what innovations we are looking for, you can download the full Challenge statement here.

circular society launch challenge event 2018 startup

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