5 Brands leading sustainable interior design 

The eco-friendly innovations that are happening in the industry

The focus on sustainable interior design has been the fastest-growing trend in the industry. From the use of reclaimed materials, biodegradable substances and alternative energies, Interior design firms are in innovation mode to become leaders in environmentally conscious design. 

One of the key challenges interior design companies now face is transparency- or lack thereof. According to Colette Van Jaarsveld, managing partner of Arcology International, without clear and honest information or standardized data, it’s not possible for a business to find partners across the manufacturing, production and transport process that are capable of supporting environmental targets.

Some of the world’s leading firms in sustainable interior design have taken on the challenge of conscious design and have laid out their plans for a decade of eco-friendly and sustainable development. 

Lest’s take a look at some of the leading and inspirational interior design brands and companies. 

1. Adventures in Furniture 

This London-based company ensures that over 90% of the products they produce are made of 100% solid wood and are FSC (Forest and Stewardship Council) certified- the remaining 10% is recycled wood. 

FSC certificate ensures that all the wood sourced for the production of the furniture is from sustainable forests. As such, trees are replanted and biodiversity in forests is protected. Additionally, they strategically aim to create high-quality pieces that will last a lifetime. 

Over the past decade, Adventures in Furniture have played an award-winning role in considering environmental impacts. They have entered into the new decade with an ambitious plan by launching a new business charter to explain to customers its contributions to the New Green Deal restructuring of the economy. 

brands sustainable interior design
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2. Grüne Erde

This Austrian company puts the relationship between nature and humans above all else. They’re committed to creating socially and ecologically responsible products, always with sustainability in mind. 

Grüne Erde makes sound use of natural and renewable materials. In fact, 75% of its products are created with solid wood from Austrian forests- of which are regulated bt forestry law. This confirms the responsible practices of reforestation after the wood harvest.

All products are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, meaning the entire production chain at Grüne Erde has an eco seal of approval. Their ecological purchasing guidelines serve as the basis for all procurement processes in order to ensure high standards in environmental aspects across the supply chain.

brands sustainable interior design
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3. MAiK 

MAik ensures that every step in their manufacturing process is in their control. MAiK only works with factories and manufacturers that share the same ethics as they do. Meaning all products are made with materials that have been sourced responsibly. 

From their sourcing and manufacturing to their packaging, MAiK is committed to continuing its eco-friendly design venture. They carefully develop and source packaging to ensure all elements are biodegradable and recyclable- they even use paper tape. 

MAiKs protective loose fill is a natural packaging material made from 100% potato starch, meaning it’s 100% biodegradable. 

Their ethics extend to social responsibility. MAiK’s woven fabrics are made in an east London unemployed women’s social enterprise. 

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4. Penatonic 

This Berlin and London based company makes products from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. They like to get creative and have made chairs from plastic drinking bottles and glassware from old phone screens. 

They seem to have thought it all through- as each component is made from a single material so it can be indefinitely recycled. Penatonic’s buy-back program is successfully in place for when products and components are no longer usable.

More recently, Penatonic has launched its inaugural e-waste jewellery line in collaboration with up and coming designer Johnny Hoxton. ‘Order of the Planet Earth’ is a 12-month program of innovative product drops beginning with the recycling logo pendant. The entire piece is made from precious metals extracted from consumer electronics and hardware like cables and processors.

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5. Par Avion Co. 

This British company with manufacturing in the UK and USA primarily create frames made from 100% FSC European and British timber. They’re handmade at their workshop in Norfolk. Par Avion Co is dedicated to preserving the environment and use natural and renewable materials that are carefully and locally sourced. 

Makers from each region are selected on the basis of the quality of their products and their environmental credentials. The packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. They also work with local craftsmen and woodturners, who seal products with an environmentally-friendly hand-rubbed finish called Osmo Oil. 

brands sustainable interior design
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There is a range of interior design companies around the world, making tremendous eco-conscious efforts. It shouldn’t be before long until we see the entire industry-leading the global sustainable mission. 

Do you know any other brands creating sustainable interior design pieces?

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