The Benefits of Bathing Rituals to Soulfully Heal

Self-care routines sustainably & naturally crafted

From ancient times, the power of water has been used for healing purposes. Now we bring back the benefits of bathing rituals for you to thrive in your self-care rituals. 

If you have been longing for a self-care routine, and are lucky enough to have a bathtub at home, we’ll share with you the benefits of bathing rituals so that you can get started right away!

Taking a bath it’s a DIY healthy and all natural treatment that will allow your body and mind to detox, relax and revive. And it’s no wonder that hydrotherapy has been used historically.

Hydrotherapy (aka water therapy) basically is about using water to ease physical pain and symptoms of illness. You can play with the water steam, temperatures, and different organic relaxing bath products

When ethically-made out of non-toxic, organic & natural ingredients (check here the dirty list of 50 ingredients you should avoid in your beauty products!), you will add that extra wellness. They allow you to provide color, foamy textures and, especially the healing properties and minerals your skin needs to radically accelerate your healing process. 

The Benefits of Bathing Rituals to Soulfully Heal
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History of Baths

Finding its roots in Roman times, taking a bath is one of the oldest forms of medical treatment, also having spiritual and beautifying benefits. 

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in any form, from baths to steam and compresses to ease physical pain and illness symptoms; however, during Medieval Times, the stance changed as people started believing that baths actually weaken the body. It was in the 1800s that bathing made a comeback when word of the benefits of saltwater spread.

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Religious Traditions

Throughout history and even today, in many religions, bathing is considered to not only cleanse the body but also the spirit with each of them having its own beliefs and methods of carrying out the ritual bath. 

To mention a few, Japanese Onsen are hot springs that are gender segregated, you have to wash before entering the water and wear a towel on your head while in it. People with tattoos are also forbidden from dipping in the water. 

A Russian Banya consists of steam rooms, saunas, and plunge pools that are kept at very high temperatures to sweat and detox the body, drinking and eating meat are also allowed and these are pretty noisy places. You can socialize and enjoy yourself however, complaining about the heat is considered disrespectful. 

A Korean Jjimjilbang is a gender-segregated, quiet bath house where you can get an exfoliating scrub and snacks while you detox in the best sauna in Sydney, whether it’s a hot tub, kiln sauna, or steam room.

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At Home Bathing Rituals

Baths are one of the most relaxing and regenerating things that you can do at home. 

Warm water gently detoxifies the body by inducing blood flow and lymphatic circulation which makes us sweat. The blood circulation and heat are also great for muscle pain and inflammation. The benefits are not only physical but baths can also relieve stress and deeply calm the nervous system.

A birthday gift basket with all the essentials to have a relaxing soak is the best gift you can give to a loved one or yourself, these come with all the essentials to reap all the benefits with the comfort and privacy of your bathtub at home. 

Let’s share some of the common products that are typical from a self-care basket, and their benefits of each of these natural healing products used for your bathing ritual.

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1. Bath Salts

These are pulverized minerals that are added to baths to mimic the natural minerals present in hot springs. Some of the chemicals in bath salts also ‘soften’ the water as hard water does not allow for soap to lather well. 

Additionally, glycerin may be added which acts as a lubricant and humectant to moisturize the body, phosphates are added which soften the skin for exfoliating i.e. removing dead skin cells, and Epsom salt which is used for treating arthritis and muscle pain.

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2. Bath Bombs

A mixture of wet and dry ingredients which effervesces when it comes in contact with water, these are mostly for the visual and psychological effect as these create some bubbles, color the bath, and slowly disintegrate, creating a visual appeal to the experience. 

Moreover, relaxing scents such as lavender are added to the composition to soothe the user with aromatherapy. In this sense, enjoying the effects of aromatherapy with essential oils is a great way to upgrade your self-care bath routines. 

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3. Bubble Baths 

Soaps, when added while the bathtub is filling up, it creates a layer of surfactant foam on top of the bath. Apart from being fun and scented, it isolates the water underneath and keeps it warm for a longer period. In this guide you’ll find our favourite ethical brands with handmade natural soap bars for an eco-luxurious bath time!

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4. Scrubs

Scrubbing is a form of exfoliating which removes the dead skin present on top of our regenerated skin layer, as a result, the soft skin underneath can breathe and improve the skin texture as well as reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs which are a result of the pore being clogged from dead skin cells and oils. These are easily infected and can get quite painful and fussy. 

Some kits come with a loofah or an exfoliating scrub, both of which do the basic job however, scrubs are often constituted to do much more e.g., coffee scrubs are said to reduce cellulite and the addition of Aloe Vera and oils can provide moisture to dry skin.

5. Body Butter

Post-bath rituals are just as important as in-bath ones, the experience should be ended off properly with a treat to your body. 

Body butters are thick moisturizers, composed mostly of very thick oils and natural fats such as Shea Butter to create a thick barrier on the skin and prevent moisture loss. These are especially beneficial in the winter months on cracked skin like the heels, elbows, and knees.

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6. Massage Oils

Ending a bath with a massage sounds absolutely dreamy, doesn’t it? Massage oils are often infused with relaxing scents like mint and lavender and deeply nourish the skin with beneficial ingredients like Vitamin E. The massaging motion on your body will encourage blood flow to the muscles to keep them healthy.

With this list at your disposal, we’re sure your mind is buzzing with your own natural and organic gift basket ideas. If you can’t buy one, you should try making one of your own with your favorite products and scents. 

The possibilities are endless but the most important thing is to have fun because, at the end of the day, nothing is more relaxing than that.

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