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All you need to know about coffee AND these incredible cold drip coffee makers

Explore the adventure of coffee from seed to cup with this infographic of Expresso Works

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One-third of the world’s population consume coffee every day. Yes, coffee is the most popular processed beverage on Earth. We think it is worth you to learn some facts about its industry, wherein the world coffee is produced and a detailed journey of the coffee: from seed to cup! But also, we wish to share these extraordinary cold drip coffee makers, which will change the whole idea you have about coffee. Grab a cuppa and enjoy this well-created infographic of Expresso Works. “Tiamo” coffee!

As much as we love coffee, we could spend hours researching about its industry to answer questions like: how and where it is made, or how much we do consume coffee globally; about the seeding and harvesting; the flavours; the fermentation of the coffee beans, the washing, the drying, the ROASTING! What if we told you that all you need to know is right here in a superb infographic? After you check it out, scroll down to have a look at the most amazing cold drip coffee makers!

Infographic all you need to know about coffee
Credit: Expresso Works Australia

Tiamo cold drip coffee makers

WoW! Not sure if you knew about these coffee makers, but for us, it’s been an incredible discovery. Expresso Works is a leading supplier of cold drip coffee makers and machines from the premium brand Tiamo in Australia. Their coffee makers have a reputation for producing world-class coffee brewing equipment including these cold water drippers.

What is been fascinating to learn is about the cold brewing method, not just because it is an interesting way to watch the preparation of the coffee (or because how GORGEOUS the cold dippers look), but also because it seems to offer many benefits to the coffee brew.

Basically, this slow and tested method extracts coffee using cold water, uncovering a whole range of new flavours that you wouldn’t usually get from a pressurised hot brew. Also, cold drip coffee comes without the astringency and bitterness that is typical of hot coffee, making it more palatable and a perfect solution for a hot summer’s day.

Infographic all you need to know about coffee cold drip coffee maker

Not sure about you guys, but we really are looking forward to having a taste! Have you ever tried coffee made with a cold drip coffee maker?


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